The meeting point of Istanbul

Opened in 1993 in Etiler, one of the most vibrant parts of Istanbul that buzzes with activity 24/7, Akmerkez, the most popular meeting point in the city, is still the go-to-place for pleasant experiences with its exclusive brands and stores, shopping and entertainment areas, cafés and restaurants. Akmerkez, which embodies many ?ground-breaking? design novelties to ensure the comfort of its guests, brings together business, art, culture and entertainment communities under its exclusive roof. Having 8 floors in total split equally between shopping centers and garages, Akmerkez provides services through 3 interconnected atriums, 2 office blocks with 14 and 17 floors, a residence with 23 floors and 160 shops.

A pleasant outdoor experience in the middle of the city

Offering its guests a more immersive and broader open air experience after having had a face-lift in 2015, Akmerkez invites those who want to get away from the city for peaceful breaks to Üçgen Teras. With its architectural details designed specially for the comfort of the guests, Üçgen Teras, which offers a pleasant outdoor experience at all hours of the day, allows you to leave behind the stress of the city with its colorful and fun activities.

The most prestigious awards go to Akmerkez

Honored with the most prestigious global awards since day one, Akmerkez continues to add new ones to its projects every year awarded by many international organizations such as IPRA, Marcom, Hermes, ICSC, Stevie Awards and International Property Awards. Akmerkez has been awarded more than hundred awards in the national and international arenas since its opening by service quality, sustainability and the contribution it creates through the social responsibility projects


The center of social life

Changing the game when it comes to shopping center applications, Akmerkez Concierge + offers services that make life easier for guests such as shopping and delivery, cloakrooms and safety deposits. Built under the same roof in 1994 with all its flats renovated over the past years, Akmerkez Residence boasts modern technologies, aesthetic lines and functional facilities and offers its residents a safe stay. Akmerkez continues to be the jazzy hub of the city offering Istanbulites a unique social experience with its exclusive brand mix, spacious terrace areas, elegant restaurants and cafés.

Structural Properties of Akmerkez

In four-story Akmerkez Shopping Mall it is intended that the visitors spend time in a safe, comfortable and clean environment by means of the conditioning devices, fire warning and extinguishing systems, state of the art safety systems, continuous airplay and seamless structure automation. The 180,000 m2 complex consists of 23-story residence building with 14- and 17-story office areas, 4-story parking lot (with capacity of 1,255 cars) as well as a shopping mall. The triangle-shaped shopping mall has 3 atriums interconnected with the main corridors. Through its 35 escalators, 2 panoramic lifts and 28 lifts for pedestrians the vertical shopping mall enables fast roaming for more visitors.

Akmerkez has prestigious stores in women's, men's and kid's wear, stationery, optics, jewelry, toy, sports, shoes, souvenir shops, hairdressing, exchange office, electronic appliances, shoe shine parlor, tailor, music shop, fitness & beauty centers, orthopedics, cinema, pet shop, fast food, third wave coffee shops, restaurant, cafe and supermarkets and offers a modern lifestyle.

Shopping mall opens daily between 10am to 10pm and  visited by average of 1 millions of people in a month. It has 55 personnel for cleaning purpose, 90 personnel for safety purpose and 60 personnel for technical and management purposes.

In order to meet visitors' needs apart from shopping Akmerkez organizes social and cultural events and makes efforts to be pioneer of a new lifestyle and perceptivity.