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Message from General Manager

Dear Stakeholders, In the last two years, which were marked by the effects of the pandemic, we saw a sharp decline in many sectors in Turkey, as in all economies around the world. Today, helped by the positive effects of the "normalization" process, the shopping centers and retail sectors in particular are regaining lost ground in the real estate sector, while Akmerkez continues its activities with the aim of maintaining its dividend performance, which we have maintained in the past years with our financially strong structure, in the coming periods. In addition to the contributions we make and new jobs we add to the sector, we continue our sustainability efforts in all areas by adopting a conscious and responsible corporate approach, which has been our hallmark since day one, and we are leading the way with our pioneering projects, collaborations and future plans. For us at Akmerkez, sustainability, which has become one of the terms that define our world today, has been at the top of our agenda for many years shaping our activities. By placing sustainability at the heart of all our activities, we have succeeded in ensuring continuity in growth. The awards we have received from renowned organizations in Turkey and on international platforms, coupled with our strong, profitable financial and corporate structure, prove the sustainability of our company's successful growth. In addition, we are continuing with the projects we have signed up to, driven by the principle of investing in the future without cutting corners. With our project "Agriculture on the Terrace", which has been running since 2017, we have broken new ground in urban sustainable agriculture. We promote local, ethical and natural food and support small producers, brands and women entrepreneurs involved in sustainable production through various signature events associated with Akmerkez. At Akmerkez, we will continue to pursue our goal of breaking new ground in the industry, backed up by our efforts to implement innovative approaches. In doing so, we will focus on enriching the shopping experience of Akmerkez guests by adding new one to the repertoire of brands that we already carry harbor, and by continuing to provide a living space that goes beyond a shopping mall through popular activities and the cultural and artistic events we organize. I would like to extend my gratitude to our esteemed stakeholders and management who have contributed to Akmerkez GYO A.Ş.'s success, as well as to our valuable colleagues who have made significant contributions to this success with their devoted work, and not to mention our esteemed guests. Best regards, Hakan Tümkaya General Manager, Akmerkez GYO A.Ş.