Human Resoures Policy

Dear Stakeholders,

Turkey has been improving in several industries thanks to the young and dynamic population and the growing economy. The Real Estate Investment Trusts are the driving force behind the economy since they balance the economic growth with their accountable and auditable corporate structures, have a role in spreading capital transparently to the base and become attractive investment for foreign investors.

Since the demands of real estate industry in retailer and customer side are generally high, the shopping mall investment and current work load of shopping malls have been increasing substantially. Especially the fact that lots of global brand would like to benefit from the dynamic structure of Turkey results them to dramatically turn towards the Turkish market and improves the development of the organized retail industry. As the demand in the tenant and customer base strongly continues the lease fee has been increasing.

Akmerkez GYO A.Ş. carries on successfully thanks to its to-be-renovated facade, effective marketing efforts, creating a settlement beyond the shopping mall with the cultural and art events, the compliance to the competition and dynamic structure.

The awards Akmerkez has received from the prestigious organizations on the national and international platforms, the powerful and profitable financial structures and corporateness are the signs of the sustainable success. Besides, Akmerkez continues to add value to the community along with the social responsibility events carried out as an investment for the future.

We know that our determined and devoted employees, esteemed guests with trust and interest, stakeholders and managers have made a major contribution to this successful picture. I wish to express my sincere thanks.


Akmerkez GYO A.Ş.
General Manager

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